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Fountain of Malavoglia

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Via Claudio Monteverdi, 15
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The Malavoglia fountain is situated in the city centre, in the large and modern Piazza Verga. It consist of a group of sculptures, given from the Sicilian Region to the town of Catania to honour the writer Giovanni Verga. The Catanese sculptor Carmelo Mendola took part in a competition announced publicly in 1956 for the construction of a great monument dedicated to Giovanni Verga. The project made by Mendola persuaded the committee and it won the competition.The carrying out of the group of sculptures went on for 19 years and it was committed with full ceremony the evening of the 25th of October 1975, by the chief of the Sicilian government Angelo Bonfiglio to the mayor Domenico Magri.

The sculpture shows the second dramatic shipwreck of the “Provvidenza” described in the 10th chapter of the novel “I Malavoglia” by Verga.In the ship, that is being shipwrecked at sea, there were young Alessi, his brother’ Ntoni and their grand-father, the old Padron Ntoni. The group of sculptures, at the centre of a circular basin ( 13 metres of diameter ) weights seven tons; it is three metres in width, nine in length and five in breadth.

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