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Terme della Rotonda

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The therma called terme della Rotonda are found in the same area where the Roman theatre and the odeon are situated. they were build during the first centuries of  the Roman Empire.Only a round room, covered with a dome, remain of the old thermae.

Inside, among the walls supporting the dome, there are eight niches where hot, cold and tepid water flowed into the decorated marble baths, in the sixth century AD the structure was transformed into a Christian chuech. The level of the floor was raised, and the artars and the chapels took the place of the thermal baths.Until the late Roman Age, going to the thermea  often was a healthy and pleasant habit for the Romans who lived in Catania.The numerous thermal complexes  proved the high quality of life that characterized the city during the Imperial Roman Age, from the first to the third century AD.

The thermea were  public buildings for for the body care. They were very popular in Rome. The biggest thermal buildings consisted of different rooms: the loconicum. a hot room, the calidarium , a hot bath, the tepidarium, a tepid room, and the frigidarium, a cold bath . The baths were often connected to the Gymnasium, where games and exercise took place.In the laconicum people went to swear, and to clean their skin with oils, while, at the end, they plunged into the frididarium to strengthen their body. Thanks to the State and to private funds, admission was free or very cheap

Terme della Rotonda: Via della Rotonda. T 095-7472264. Visit: h. 9.00 - 13.30 on request. Entrance: free.

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