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The Monastery Benedettini

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Via Claudio Monteverdi, 15
Post code I-95131 Catania Sicily Italy
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Begun in the second half of the sixteenth century, the Monastery allowed the Benedectines to settle in Catania. These monks were cadets of noble families and devoted to a cultured and lustful life.Very famous was the tradition of their culinary arts and their passion for music.

Was a city within a city, with huge places intended for the monks’ life, the rich archeological museum, the library, the botanic garden and a science and botanic specialized library .Writers and travellers like “Goethe” contributed to make this wonder known all over Europe celebrating also the organ made by Donato Del Piano.

In 1977, the university’s faculty of letters took it over, under a renovation plan by the architect Giancarlo De Carlo. This is a rectangular and large hall illuminated by oval windows with a wonderful pavement made by eighteenth-century Neapolitan majolica. the ornate wooden shelving over two floors dates to the XVIII century. Another important hall is dedicated to the catanese poet “Mario Rapisardi”, where his correspondence is kept.

In the courtyard that opens to piazza Dante, some archeological excavations have brought to light precious remains of various epochs.Only two cloisters were completed. the first is adorned with a small neogothic kiosk tiled with ceramics; the second has a fine seventeenth-century marble fountain.


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